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Depths (iOS Icon Theme)

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Give your iOS icons some depth, while retaining a stock-like appearance.

This is for stock iOS 14+. No jailbreak.

Discontinued jailbreak version 1.3 can be found on Twickd.

How to apply custom icons on iOS 14+

Written Tutorial from MacRumors

Video Tutorial from iDeviceMovies

This product contains:

• Themed icons for 551 different Apps

• Up to 6 variants per app.

(3,000+ Icons)

• Widget Shape Images

(to be used as a background with apps like Widgy)

• Docked Icons

( A limited selection of popular and regularly docked icons, to be used by adding these docks to your Homescreen using my Homescreen Creator shortcut  )

Icon Assets to create your own icons with 'Depths Creator'

     •• (Icon Bases, App Glyphs, Shapes, Symbols and more)

     •• (Download Depths Creator, an iOS shortcut that can be used to create your own icons for Depths.

Looking for Depths Docker?

It's included in Depths Creator now. Select auto option when it asks what builder type you'd like. Then select docked icons.

Download Depths Creator

• ^Vibrant versions of everything included above.

(with the exception of premade 'Docked' icons. Feel free to make your own with Depths Creator shortcut)

Preview of different variant/color combinations:

Folder: "Color"

Folder: "Color"

Folder: "Dark"

Folder: "Dark - Color Alts"

Folder: "Light"

Folder: "Light - Color Alts"

If there's an icon you need request them here.

Icons included:

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Depths (iOS Icon Theme)

230 ratings
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